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Self Love Recognizes Smart Love…


I posted this conversation last April 17,  2017, and after posting my conversation, “Practice Self Love” yesterday, I thought it only fitting that I repost my convo on ‘Smart Love’. When you ask yourself the questions below and the answers are contrary to what you know about your beloved, yet and still you decide to continue with things as they are, introspection might be in order, ‘um jus sayin’. 

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SMART LoveI have often wondered, if two people take the time to ask themselves some specific questions about the person they are interested in building a relationship/future with, will the answers to the questions below make them think twice about pursuing something on a higher level with that individual. I would like to share an acronym that I created as a guide to help men and women discern if the person they are interacting with is truly someone they can spend the rest of their life with; I mean really stay together until one or the other ceases to exist.

Sensible, is the person reasonable, do they use good judgement when making decisions.

Marginalize, does he or she make you feel unimportant? Are your suggestions, ideas and views marginalized as being not valid or credible?

Amicable, is he or she confrontational or do they project a harmonious vibe?

Realistic, does he or she make decisions based on the way things are or the way they want things to be? Are the decisions realistic or impractical?

Trustworthy, would you trust this person with your life?

No, you are not looking for a business partner, but you are trying to get a sense of whether this person is someone that you can communicate with, someone that will be a good listener, someone that has your back (your ride or die), someone that has the same or similar values as you, someone that you are comfortable with. I could go on and on but I won’t. I am simply positioning you for a look ahead. No one is perfect but why not invest some time in understanding the theme of the “picture” while you admire the “frame”.

Practice Self Love…De-Clutter Your Heart

IMG_1863We de-clutter our homes our offices and our cars.  Why not de-clutter our hearts.  Women we all do it and yes some men too.   It’s a new year and time for new actions, doing the same thing over and over only brings about the same results, over and over.   That old familiar thought is rolling around in your head, “this time next year I am not going to be alone”. It’s March and you are still alone, now what?  Whether you are alone by choice or circumstances; you never have to be lonely.

Practice self-love, fall in love with you.  You can’t rely on anyone else to make you happy, you must be happy alone first. Don’t ever base your worth on what men think of you, or if you have a man or not. You determine your worth and you are a women who is worthy and deserving of an amazing relationship!  When the time is right Love will find you because it is more than a three word phrase, “I Love You” mumbled from time to time; it’s a sustained action a pattern; understand what brings you joy and act on it.

The more you spend time doing things that lift your spirits and light up your soul, the happier you’ll feel about yourself and your life. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is passionate, independent, and in love with her life.  I have always believed that when you are spiritually active, enjoying yourself with confidencee and assuredness, that’s when things start to change in your life..

I leave you with this…Love comes when you truly love yourself without reservations or after thoughts. Its definitive, you are happy, active and joy is no longer an elusive word. If you focus too much on finding a romantic relationship, you’re only going to miss out on the joys of being single. Remember, once Love finds you, that’s it.

                                       T.G.I.F…THANK GOD I  AM AWESOME… 

My First Love…Chris


  DE-STRESS = Healthy Weight Loss


If you are stressed you will NOT lose weight, as stress hormones program the body to store fat, especially around the middle. According to statistics, chronic stress is the root cause of 90% disease and weight gain. Stress makes us stress eat, turning to sugar or alcohol to self soothe, burns us out, robs our life force, and takes all our energy so by the end of the day we have no motivation left for self improvement.

The good news is through creating a healthy lifestyle with stress busting techniques and eating a diet that is plant based and healing, you can undo decades of stress from the body and mind, drop inches of belly fat quickly and easily, and restore your peace of mind and body confidence.

If you find yourself stuck in this position, you must get your  get stress and belly fat storing hormones under control, cleanse the digestive tract to activate your liver’s ability to burn fat and eliminate toxins from the body, totally eliminate belly bloat and digestive distress with powerful cleansing meals, balance out your blood sugar to take away cravings, all while practicing self forgiveness and compassion to re-connect to your inner being.

Carb cycling is a powerful body fat clearing and metabolism boosting technique that will shift your body and your metabolism out of any plateau you may be stuck in to drop more weight. To  get the most out of Carb Cycling focus on eating  a healthy diet  by eliminating empty calories  and packaged foods.  Reduce your carbohydrate intake for 3 to 4 days a week, sticking to about 75 to 150 grams of carbs or less.  You and also take digestive clearing supplements that kill off bad microbes that contribute to weight gain and endocrine disorders.  Mentally and emotionally you will re-script your relationship to life, for life changing results.   

Intermittent fasting, this is where the magic happens,  This is a powerful body transformative technique. This is the final phase of your weight loss and cleansing journey. If you have eaten powerful cleansing meals and reduced your carb intake you can expect to drop  about 2 dress sizes the first week of intermittent fasting! This systematic approach is powerful, effective, and life changing! Intermittent fasting leads to a higher state of emotion including joy, peace, love, and gratitude, to create deep healing and inner freedom.



Examples of foods to eat when you are following intermittent fasting: Nuts, Chicken, green vegetables, eggs, protein (powdered), avocado, butter and coconut oil.  This should give you an idea of your food choices.

Love Ya Now and Forever…Chris



Eat to Live…Live to Eat


I have a question for you, one that I’ve often asked myself in the past. Do you EAT to live? or LIVE  to eat?  You’re probably wondering what the difference is, well I will share with you what I’ve learned over the years.  If you are someone who “Lives to Eat” you probably view food as comforting, and possibly as a stress reliever; now food has taken on a greater meaning than its intent. Conversely if you are someone who  “Eats to Live” you don’t view eating food as an event,  you are not dependent on food to fill a void, you understand that its purpose is to sustain life.  Once you come to understand this you will start to enjoy foods whose health benefits support your lifestyle.

Todays lifestyle for many is fast paced and busy, you might find yourself feeling tired run down , a bit lethargic. What to do?  Here’s an idea, start incorporating foods that are packed with energy and high in fiber into your diet.  Check out the list below:

10 Energy Boosters

Air-Popped Popcorn Whole grain carbohydrates are a snack with staying power.  Whole grains help prevent the blood sugar crashes that happen after consuming refined or simple carbohydrates.  OOOHHH, its benefit is diminished once you douse it with butter, so limit the amount you put on it.

Almonds Contain magnesium and B vitamins that help convert food to energy .

Peanut Butter Instead of covering your toast with butter or jelly in the morning, spread a little peanut butter on it. Peanut butter is a calorie dense food, but a little goes a long way and it’s a healthy fat filled with protein and fiber.  Wow all these benefits in a little  peanut butter.

Salmon A smart choice for the heart but also a great energy booster that can change your mood.

Bananas –  Filled with fiber, B vitamins and potassium, nutrients that promote sustained energy and muscle function.

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KaleContains the amino acid L-tyrosine, which helps give you a mental lift, as well as a number of antioxidants and fiber to fill you and keep your blood sugar stable.  “I LOVE KALE”.

Oatmeal High in fiber, it’s filling and provides lasting energy.  Having oatmeal for breakfast will power you through the entire morning. 

Pistachios Are rich in protein and have a high fiber content, along with  heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Though nuts are calorie-dense , 25 pistachios have only 100 calorie.

HummusMade from garbanzo beans which are rich in fiber and protein provide a good energy boost. Hummus  a Mediterranean dip created by mixing just a few simple ingredients: pureed garbanzo beans, sesame-based tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Blood Sugar Crashers – Candy and Coffee, both provide a quick energy boost but unfortunately the effects of both are short-lived and can set you up for a crash.





Thankful For a Lifetime…

little thingsLife is a journey and just like a journey, life has a beginning and a end. As humans we focus on what happens between the two furthest points, and that we should. But don’t get caught up on individual moments. Stay focused on what you have to offer life, not what life has to offer you because the parallel ends that support our destiny will always be opposing one another and we will still be in the middle trying to figure our lives out, enjoy our lives, start our lives and in some case end our lives.

Thankful is not a state of mind it is an action and we were not given the authority to decide when the journey is over, therefore, we do not know when our abilities will cease. While you are figuring out life look around there might be someone near in need of a uplifting word. While you are enjoying life remember the less fortunate and before you decide to end your life, pause, because who said your journey has ended?

Yours Always Chris

Liquify Your Lifestyle…

Our body is a Temple, Shrine, a Sanctuary, yes our body is just that important.  Let’s start showing it some love by drinking some healthy liquids that will enhance our health, make us feel and look better.IMG_2863

I started drinking aloe vera juice 3 years ago and I can truly say that my skin looks as healthy as it did 10 years ago . The aloe vera plant is water dense and drinking the juice can help prevent or treat dehydration. It has also been said that it may help to reduce the frequency and appearance of acne, it does!  It is also a  rich source of antioxidants and vitamins.

As we mature our metabolism starts to slow down over time.  A 8 oz.  glass  of cold water in the morning can jump-start your metabolism, now that’s some good news to spread around.

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Let’s wake up and hydrate! A glass of warm lemon water in the morning flushes out the digestive system and rehydrates the body.  If you are like me and have a slow digestive system this simple drink can make a difference in the appearance of your stomach in the morning.

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar has what’s called the “mother” in it, cloudy not clear.

A study in obese individuals showed that the daily consumption of apple cider vinegar with the mother led to reduced belly fat and waist circumference.  It can also help reduce your appetite because it makes you feel full.

These are just a few simple liquids that can help to promote good health.  All natural, no additives or preservatives…


15 Health Benefits of Almonds According to Science – and 8 Delicious Almond Recipes
1. Almonds can benefit your intestinal healthRegular consumption of almonds can benefit the production of helpful bacteria in the intestines.

Stool samples were collected from study groups after consuming almonds regularly for a period of time. There were notable increases in Bifidobacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp.

These changes were noted with daily doses of as low as 56 grams of almonds – or ten grams of almond skins. The bacteria in question are responsible for a number of health factors. Promoting their growth can help prevent dangerous intestinal diseases, and promote the development of healthy tissues and metabolism.

2. Almonds can lower LDL cholesterol, limiting heart disease

Despite having a relatively high fat content, almonds are known to eliminate cholesterol from the body. The fat content of almonds is largely monounsaturated – the ‘good’ type of fat that helps lower the risk of heart disease.

When substituting almonds in a high-carb diet, researchers found that the risk of heart disease was decreased by up to 30 percent. The benefits stack when almonds are included with other healthy foods, as well. If they’re included in a diet plan that includes foods from all groups, the decrease in cholesterol and heart disease can be increased.

Almonds are high in potassium. Potassium is a mineral that’s responsible for opening up veins and arteries, allowing for more efficient blood flow. This helps clear the cardiovascular system of cholesterol and further reduces the risk of coronary disease.

Magnesium – another mineral that almonds are full of – is also responsible for maintaining a proper blood flow. The content of these two minerals, along with almonds having a high antioxidant content, ensures that they can effectively fight off cholesterol and heart disease. They’re also useful in fighting off recurring or chronic diseases.

3. Almonds are powerful fighters against diabetes.  Almonds are shown to decrease spikes in blood sugar. Blood sugar spikes are linked to damaging cholesterol, which leads to the creation of free radicals.

A free radical is an atom missing an electron in its outer shell. To compensate, it will steal an electron from its neighbour atom, creating another free radical. This creates a destructive chain that can result in cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
A study done on fifteen participants involved feeding them five meals and monitoring blood sugar before and after. The statistics taken after the meals containing almonds showed a moderate blood pressure and an increase in antioxidants. The statistics taken after subjects consumed meals with bread (high in carbohydrates) showed a decrease in antioxidant density.

Read More:

Love Ya…Chris