Know Your Gifts…



Brenda Wilson

Have you ever had an Ah Ha moment and wondered why you waited so long to listen to that inner voice – the voice in your head – God’s whisper to you? Well, I had one of those moments recently and it took me aback, so much so that I had to pray for forgiveness because I got caught up in day-to-day life and forgot who’s really in control.

Here’s what happened! My valet key became separated from my regular car key and I could not find it anywhere. Thankfully I made only 2 stops that day so the key had to be in my car, in my purse, on the ground in the parking lot, at work, or lost forever in the parking lot at Publix. Of course, the first place I looked was in my purse. I tore my purse and computer tote apart but still no key. Then I my job called; we have gated parking so there was a good possibility that someone found it and turned it in. However, yet again I came up without the key.

Each day since I “lost” my valet car key, I would get these taps on the shoulder, voices in my head telling me to check at Publix. I ignored those whispers for 3 days. Then finally when returning home, I got a “strong whisper” to stop at Publix and ask. So rather than rushing home to continue working and stressing over unachievable deadlines, I pulled up to the curb and went in.

There was no one at the desk so I waited. Tempted to walk away, again feeling stressed that I was wasting time and could be working instead, I waited for almost 3 minutes. Finally, the front counter person came up looking quite flushed. She said she was not feeling well and apologized for my wait. Instinctively, I asked if I could help her or get someone on the staff at Publix to assist her. She insisted that she would be fine and that’s just what we do sometimes…press on even when things get tough.gifts_mainsml

Well…you could have knocked me over with a feather with the next conversation. Seeing that she would not let me assist her, I asked had anyone turned in a valet key. Not only did she say yes, but also told me the model of my vehicle before I could even get my words out to ask. She went on to say that the patrons at our local Publix often turn in lost items such as jewelry, debit cards, etc.

Well can I tell you that I broke out in tears at God’s almighty favor over me that day. I had already called the dealer and learned that a replacement key would cost almost $200 which I was not prepared to spend. Yet, I know I really needed that valet key because that was the only 2nd key to my vehicle that I had. So finding out that I could have save myself a ton of worry had I just listened to the whispers in my head, I was overwhelmed with the blessing that God bestows over me in big and small ways.

To top off my week, my son wrote his 1st “devotional” for school. Yes he attends a Christian school and this was homework. But it warmed my heart that he picked a verse and told a simple story around the verse revealing that no matter what we do, we should always do it to glorify God. Whew!

God did his thing this week and he wasn’t done with me. Before the end of my work week, I got the sweetest voice mail, email, and phone call from a lady that I met one time thanking me for my support and words of encouragement and how much my words had helped her get over a major hurdle in her life. I had no idea what I said that had impacted her life so deeply. So to hear how profoundly my words had fed into her spirit, went further to help me understand and appreciate how truly blessed I am and how God favors me on a daily basis.

So 1, 2, 3!!!!! This has been a great week. I found something I thought lost, discovered something in my son I prayed was there, and was humbled by something that I didn’t even realize was of any consequence to anyone.spiritual_gifts_1

Thus I leave you with this question: What are your gifts and how do you use them, see them, and/or acknowledge them as you travel through life every day? Every now and then, I get caught up in life and forget that I’m not in control. I love that God is so forgiving and kind that he shows me in so many ways that the gifts that He has given me are always there. I just have to listen, pay attention, and allow HIM to do what HE does better than anyone on earth can ever do.

Forever thankful and grateful for my many gifts,


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