Cubic Zirconia, Real or Fake…Diamond


I asked a friend while at a lunch why do men hold a Diamond in their hand and let it go for a Cubic Zirconia, he replied because sometimes they can’t tell the difference between the two! Wow! That answer blew my mind and ignited a curiosity in me about the two gems and their unique forms.  I did some deeper research on Diamonds verses Cubic Zirconia and found some interesting facts. This lead me to compare the simulation of Diamonds to woman of character and Cubic Zirconia to females with the lack of…Oooooooh spill the wine darlin, lets have a conversation, shall we?

After each fact about the two stones I will give my interpretation of the facts as they may relate to relationships.

Here are some facts about Diamonds versus Cubic Zirconia

1. The primary difference, Diamonds are naturally mined gems CZs are synthetically manufactured.
2. The largest supply of CZs are manufactured China, Diamonds can be found in some of the come unique places around the world.
3. The Wealthy  find it safer to wear CZs  than the real Diamond.
4. Diamonds lose value when purchased but are valuable alone!
5. Diamonds have meaning and power.
7. CZs are affordable, diamonds are expensive.
8. A gemologist needs special equipment to tell the two part! Ummmmmm
sounds like a job for the Omniscient Heavenly Father! He see’s the real deal and
deals in truth.
9.  It takes another Diamond to cut a Diamond! Amazing
10. Diamonds are formed in rough dark places cubics are made in a factory.

The price paid for a fake doesn’t alter its  value…

These are a few but very important facts about these two gems! Yet one is Fake and the other is Real.

Fact 1.  Diamonds are naturally made, CZs are synthetically manufactured. When choosing a mate it’s important that they possess character, integrity, morals, and good values, self confidence, spiritual convictions, and many other characteristics that make for good a person. This means the person has gone through some things in life and has applied lessons learned to build character worth living with forever, and being an example for others . That’s a true Diamond. One without character just mimics the character of another but has no depth and most likely never practice what they preach! CZ!!!!

Fact 2.  CZs are manufactureed in China! Hello can we say copies! Diamonds can be found  in unique places around the world. A person of character allows different facets of life their to create character and true moral depth. They recognize and embrace their true purpose and live in their truth. It’s sad to say but some people never develop any true character and will leave nothing impressionable in this life. A special friend once said to me, “some people will live and leave earth with a certificate of attendance.” Ha now ain’t that a word”. They showed up and never learned a thing! But once again they mimic the life of another! You never get to know the real person and most times they covet and maligne others to make themselves feel and appear important. Their validation comes from external means and their extrinsic values are based on things. How can one build with someone if they never know who you are. Lack of self worth and insecurity is a sad combination.

Fact 3. The Wealthy find it safer to wear CZs  than the real diamond; now here is where I have some food for thought. I’m not a big fan of social media but do you ever wonder why people tend to post a lot about their relationships or personal lives wearing the face of greatness; yet if you had the chance to see them behind closed doors the face of their union is ugly and cold! I say this to say when you have the real thing you don’t have to convince anyone or impress them because you are  secure within yourself. When you are confident you don’t have to convince anyone of anything.

Fact 4. Diamonds lose value when purchased but are valuable alone!
The good book says he that finds a wife finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22) also that a married woman’s interest is divided God /husband but unmarried she has time for the Lord . Let’s not interpret this to mean she looses her essence and value by any means . However let’s look at the fact she is valuable and validated alone. When married she is serving multiple purposes.

Fact 5. Diamonds have meaning and power and to possess them means you must have experience and wisdom, knowledge and understanding which gives you power! It’s meaningless to know something and yet you don’t put it into practice or even have the know how to carry it out. In your union with the right person you walk in understanding of each other with the power to sustain a healthy relationship. Diamonds have been put through the fire! The hotter the fire the more their brilliance is undeniable .

How then does one settle for something Fake? It’s also important to remember that a real Diamond can have inclusions or imperfections, their true essence is they are a Diamond! Your mate isn’t perfect but your  love should be! Perfect love casts out fear. There is no fear in love! Love must be unconditional, sacrificial, patience, endurable, otherwise it’s not love.  Now that’s powerful!

Fact 6. CZs carry more weight equivalent to the size of a Diamond, (sounds more like baggage). Now this may have an ambiguous connotation to it . On one hand the ability of a diamond to shine or a person to possess character and strength is contingent upon their ability to withstand pressure and still stand strong. It’s another when they break under pressure, ahhhhhh Fake Diamond! CZ-bad unions break up under pressure. In order to shine you have to be willing to have staying power through the good and the bad times. It’s work y’all! But it’s impossible if it ain’t the right fit!!!!  Another out look …We all have issues and imperfections but when they become too weighted it’s extra baggage. It’s soooooooo critical not to bring extra baggage into a new relationship and occasionally the more mature ones need periodic cleaning. Do not ever allow your past baggage to interfere with your present. Clean up!

Fact 7. CZs are affordable, Diamonds are expensive. Sometimes in life people desire the real things but do not want to pay for the value! At times they either rise to the occasion and save to afford the real deal, get in debt to own it or wait for a sale. One may desire a real Diamond but because they cannot afford it they settle for what appears to be real when deep down they know it’s not.images

When you find a mate worth having you will do your due diligence to put in the work; it takes time to not only capture that person but you will be consistent in your love and actions inorder to maintain it. Whatever you did to afford that person you must be willing to continue the behavior. One should never have to adjust themselves for acceptance but adjust to coexist . You should be celebrated not tolerated. If it’s worth fighting for then don’t give up! No one said it will be easy but if it’s worth it, it takes two to fight for it. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Mates should never take each other’s value for granted and should continue to work to afford their most precious investment …Each other!

Fact 8. Gemologist need special equipment to tell the two part! Ummmmmm sounds like a job for the Omniscient Heavenly Father! He see’s the real deal and deals in truth. It’s been said the best matches are made in heaven. Yeah its inevitable for new loves to feel that way in the honeymoon stage. However a true Diamond or relationship that has come through the rough terrains have the greatest value. We as humans have limitations to sight and knowledge of all things. It takes the true  source to place two imperfect people together at the right time to learn to love perfectly. What God put together no one and nothing  can separate it! Unless the Lord builds a house they who build it do so in vain! If God didn’t put it together it’s only a matter of time when the winds of life blow and will test the validity of your relationships! Don’t build anything without the master’s favor-or you build in vain!

Fact 9. Only a Diamond can cut another Diamond! Amazing…Proverbs 27:17, Iron Sharpens Iron, we are all different, therefore we compliment each other; as one Diamond compliments another. Let’s take it a step further, this is symbolic of the union between the right or wrong person. Some people will settle for someone even though they may have a slight glimmer like a Diamond but it’s just a Fake not Real. It won’t stand the test of time! Two people of great character will motivate and support each other. They will also influence the best in each other.

Fact 10. Diamonds are formed in rough dark places, Cubic Zirconia is made in a factory; the price paid for a fake doesn’t alter its value. Even though we have talked about how Diamonds are formed; relationships are formed in a similar fashion. Character is built from experience, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Two people must agree and understand each other to coexist. It takes the good and the bad to create something beautiful. Your relationship with your mate will not always be a bed of roses. You must leave room for imperfections. It takes patience and humility to be in a healthy relationship. Sometimes the more it’s tested and you both come through together it creates a wonderful canvas for others to follow. The number of years mean nothing but the quality of time does! You won’t be able to avoid rough times but coming through it together is all that matters. The difficult times strengthen your love and builds a real example for others to follow. Understand you may have to travel the rough waters to get to smooth sailing.

In closing allow me to impart …We will never have 100% in any one person or relationship, only God can be that to you. So I believe in the 80/20 rule. Let’s say you have about 80% good in your mate or relationship and of the 20% that’s not so good you may be able to adjust it down to 10-15 %. Out of this you may be able to repair about 5-10%. Whatever is left of the 20%, you will have to ask for grace! In other words DEAL WITH IT!! No one is perfect. Hey, you are the only one who can decide what you can and cannot live with. “Remember you yourself  ain’t perfect either”. We will always have something to deal with. Choose wisely! Hang in there through the tough times if it’s worth the weight in (Diamonds) love! When you have a true GEM accept their flaws and know this doesn’t diminish their true essence or value! Recognize when you have the real deal, the real Diamond and don’t settle for what appears to be real. In the land of love you can never Fake what doesn’t exist!

Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist. There’s a difference between being patient with someone and wasting your time…Author Unknown

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaw mistakes and weaknesses And still thinks you’re completely amazing…Author unknown

If she is amazing she won’t be easy. If she’s easy she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth
it, you won’t give up, If you give up you’re not worthy…truth is everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for…Bob Marley

The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intentions of loving her…Bob Marley

A real man recognizes, pays the price and treasures a real diamond! …Racquel Outten

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