I Will Be Better Than I Am


Chris Rouse

I Have God, I Have Direction, I Have Goals, I Have Dreams, I Have Wants, I Have Desires,

 I Have Needs, I Have Stamina, I Have a Will, I Have Joy, I Have Hope, I Have Power,

I Have Strength, I Have Drive, I Have Courage, I Have a Plan, I Have Weaknesses.  I Have Positive Energy, I have Resiliency, I Have a Winning Attitude…

I will be better than I am…I own who I am, watch me do what I do, you won’t be surprised when you see me rise…I said It! I am doing some of the things that make me happy, not all but some. In time, in time everything will fall into place. I am a believer, I stretch myself, I dig in and make things happen, for myself! I utilize my resources and I am positioning myself to be the “BEST” “ME” I can possibly BE.

I will be Better than I am. I love God first and I love myself. can you honestly say that you love the person you’ve become? Many people cannot acknowledge where they are in life and then own that place and until you can actually do this it will be difficult for you to be the best “you” that “you” can be.

I own my power and my strength, some of life’s challenges become powerless over me because I have the knowledge and the will to move beyond my current situation.

These are self encourging words but I would hope they inspire you to create your space and surround yourself with positive and encouraging individuals.

I Will Be Better Than I…Will You?


One response to “I Will Be Better Than I Am

  1. I truly needed this!!! Chris thanks for the inspiration!!! God Bless!!

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