Bury IT!

A Conversation With Chris

IMG_3711Hello ladies I know it’s been a while since I’ve graced pen to paper ! As life has its seasons so does life’s responsibilities . I’ve been quite busy nursing my baby RS Salon, she is growing constantly and beautifully! So I’ve been out of the loop for a spell… I’ve missed talking with you. Yet we meet again. While traveling through the experiences of life I was inspired to write about something that I could relate back to relationships! Amazing how God teaches us lessons in the simple things! Let’s talk…Our lives are liken unto a book and everyday we write a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph page, or chapter of that book. Yet every chapter is best written through experience in seasons. I’m more inspired to write when I experience the maturity of seasons and circumstances.

Time goes on so does life and life will happen to each and…

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