Bury IT!

IMG_3711Hello ladies I know it’s been a while since I’ve graced pen to paper ! As life has its seasons so does life’s responsibilities . I’ve been quite busy nursing my baby RS Salon, she is growing constantly and beautifully! So I’ve been out of the loop for a spell… I’ve missed talking with you. Yet we meet again. While traveling through the experiences of life I was inspired to write about something that I could relate back to relationships! Amazing how God teaches us lessons in the simple things! Let’s talk…Our lives are liken unto a book and everyday we write a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph page, or chapter of that book. Yet every chapter is best written through experience in seasons. I’m more inspired to write when I experience the maturity of seasons and circumstances.

Time goes on so does life and life will happen to each and every one of us.  As the old folks would say” Keep on livin “. Just recently my family and I attended my dear uncle’s home going service in Freeport Bahamas. He was my dad’s oldest brother. It was a bitter-sweet celebration. Of course one may venture to ask ” how can a home going be described with such ambiguity?” I think about the mixed emotions of sadness and how painful it is to watch a loved one go on. While listening to loved ones express heartfelt memories and the sermon being preached with great intensity. On the other hand I thought about the celebratory way the home going procession was carried out . The band played and I witnessed and partook in the dancing and singing as we celebrated my uncle’s home going. We laughed at familiar stories and cried at the thought we would never see this loved one for a season. We who are in Christ share the joy of knowing we will see our loved ones who sleep in Christ again!
Then the most painful of it all when we had to take him to his temporary resting place. I always dread this part because it seems so final .

The bitter-sweet knowledge of a loved one that dies in Christ will rise again still doesn’t take away the pain of the temporary lost. Yet this knowledge was the peace that passes all understanding! Trusting and believing in the gift of salvation and resurrection God gave us through his Son. Upon my return home and as time passed all of this got me thinking about the issues of life and how this experience could relate to other situations in life. How do we relate this to relationships? Keep reading…

Do you believe that the titles, subtitles, contents, introductions, paragraph etc…has already been written or predestined in the personal books of our lives. There is nothing that happens in our lives that could be prevented if it’s already been predestined (Romans 8:30). The places you will go, people you will meet, how much money you will  make when our hour of time comes! God has already set the boundaries for all things in our lives even down to the decisions that we make! He sees beginning to end. He is in the beginning and the end. Do you really think that the things we do or say are a surprise to the all Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnipotent God?  Don’t kid yourself. Stay with me I’m going, somewhere .

There’s a time and season for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 ) time to born and time to die! Time to sow  and time to reap. Time to mourn and a time to laugh. Everything has a season and even in relationships we must learn when people places and things have had their set season of Life and death. However the things in God never die! They rest! For he is the life-giver. Though something appears dead doesn’t necessarily mean it is and if something appears to be alive doesn’t necessarily mean life. It is only things that God ordained, anointed, appointed will ever have true meaning, purpose or life.

When purpose is fulfilled then change is inevitable. What are those things or relationships in your life that seem to not have life any more? They seem to have reached a season of maturity or purpose. When purpose is fulfilled then change is inevitable. There are times in life when we must realize that it’s time to let some things, places, and persons go. Letting go maybe for a season or forever. God with time will determined that. There also comes a time when we have to celebrate the life of a thing and its death. For no matter the reason or season of why you met or experience something, everything has a purpose and season for it. They say the end of something is better than the beginning! I think it’s Because with death comes life for a new thing! It’s called change and what ever God has is better.

We must learn to recognize when something is dead and it is time to bury it, eventually move on. Death can cause a lot of emotions. First the news of death, shock, denial, hurt and pain then acceptance… Then healing can begin. The silliest thing to me is when people say” don’t cry be strong!” Something I cannot stand! We are taught to be strong and not show emotion but when you love and care the emotion is inevitable! The same goes for the death of a relationship, you’re expected to move on quickly and get over it! To show emotion or any form of hurt is noted as weakness! This is a bunch of crap to me! If you love you will hurt, if you care emotions shouldn’t be suppressed! To allow one self to feel the pain and deal with it can only lead to healing! If suppressed it only leads to denial and more pain of what’s really real. Never allow someone to tell you how you should feel or what time frame you should heal until you are truly ready and honest with your self ! Sometime there can and  will be things you may never get over but you learn to survive throughout it. I’m never suggesting to carry and live a life time of pain that’s not livin; however we must truly be careful how we treat or give advice to someone in pain! Everyone wears shoes in life but we all have our own unique walk ! Yo shoes, my shoes don’t tell me how to walk in mine if you have never experienced what another has. We all deal with life uniquely but pain is pain!

In this life people, place and things will have their season, some will be the entire book of our lives and some may only be a chapter(s) or maybe a line or paragraph. Heck sometimes they just might have had a sentence or word! An exclamation, or period in our lives . Yet we must pray for Godly wisdom to first recognize, accept, then deal with the circumstances at hand accordingly .What do you do when something is dead? You bury it! Holding onto something or someone out of season or when the season and its thing is dead is not only painful but tiresome. We can celebrate the good and bad times and even the life span of the Union, but when its season is up its purpose has been fulfilled its time to move on in order to write and fulfill the other chapters of your life. Celebrate the life of the Union. Morn the death of it  but learn to accept then heal and love again. Revisiting a relationship after the death and burial of it can only lead to more heartache, pain and it leaves a great big stink in your life. Can you imagine going back to a grave site and digging up those that have passed on!  The only thing left is a skeletal being … Bones if you will, no life.  Is that what you want from a relationship that has ran its course? Sometimes some things and persons have fulfilled their purpose in our lives.

How can you go back to a grave site expecting life! Then you cannot go back to a relationship or things that are dead and expect life or purpose. It is time to celebrate it for what it was good or bad. Feel the pain of death, cry let it all out morn and then the ultimate goodbye! Put it to rest… Bury it! It’s never easy to say goodbye. Yet we have to Learn to do so in order live the next chapter of change. If some things or people aren’t predestined for our lives we cannot force them. It just won’t happen!  If they are predestined we cannot avoid it. It’s that simple. What’s for you is for you! No good thing would God withhold, from his children. If it’s your good thing if you had to let it go for a season even if it appear dead and you to buried it! The giver of life can raise it again if it’s meant to be!

I never thought revisiting grave sites made sense either or talking to the loved one gone on. Yet to each its own some find comfort in this. We  cannot expect to find life among the dead! We have to learn to remember and embrace things for what they are or were and move on. (I got revelation of this from the passage in the good book during the time Mary visited The tomb where Jesus was laid. The angle guarding Jesus tomb asked Mary the question ” why seek the living among the dead “? When. Jesus was already raised from the dead he was no longer there or dead! The revelation is We can never write new chapters while trying to relive old ones ! Life is to be lived in a forward motion and not a backward stride.  (Phlilipian 3:13-14)

What if it’s not dead and just in a state of rest! Possible!! Yes!
GOD IS THE ultimate life-giver and if something seems dead and he still has purpose even in death he can resurrect dead things, for a greater purpose. I’m reminded of the story of Lazarus. Jesus raised him from the dead. Ironically before he raised him from the dead, Jesus gave the command to the people. They had a role to play in this miracle. Their part was to roll away the stone. Then Jesus called Lazarus by name to come forth! Yes God gave life to something that was dead to serve a greater purpose in order for Jesus to give life to a dead Lazarus, he gave a command to roll away the stone. Here is where we wondered what was the significance of the rolling of the stone and the involvement or role those present had to play, another revelation. The stone represented metaphorically something, a person or thing that was blocking the miracle of life waiting to take place!

What or who is it that may be holding onto what could be preventing God from giving life to it;  that which may be the desires of our hearts? With petition and prayer God will reveal, those things called stones or stumbling blocks, so that God may grant life or birth something greater out of something that was seemingly dead. Allow me to reiterate please allow God to do the digging and the resurrection. When we attempt to do this in our own strengths or wisdom we may dig up something that stinks and leaves a stinch in our lives with no meaningful purpose. It takes heavenly wisdom or discernment to recognize this. This is why we must give all things over to The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God!

When we allow God to help us to let go and Bury those things and people in our lives that have served their seasonal purpose and if they are anointed for the long-term or entire or final chapters of your book, trust me they will be there! If you will have go through the process and let it go, have a funeral and bury it! When we try to recreate dead things we only recreate or relive the very things that caused us to leave in the first place ultimately living love life in reverse with. No change or life . However if God sees fit to give life to some things that we’re pronounced dead it will have life and will add more life to you with beneficial and greater purpose. Anyone of us may pass out if we saw a loved one come back to life! “Yeah tell me about it!!” You may be shocked to find that something you thought was over, and all it took was a memory, scent of that person, picture, familiar place and there ! A spark of emotions come to life ! You thought its was over, dead and buried! Yet life happens to you! “Keep on livin!” You wonder can there still be something here!? Can life come from dried dead bones? (Ezekiel 37) Can love exist where you thought it was dead! Yes it can if its real and has a purpose to serve in this life. It is very possible for life to come out of death. Change is possible and inevitable.

A New year is here! 2015 is gone we can never get it back .We can have memories but even those have to be celebrated and put to rest . We can never embrace change holding onto dead and buried things . Some maybe waking around with a dead thing that needs to be buried ! Somethings, people , places or chapters are to be continued and some have a period ! We pray to recognize and embrace the differences and live in the good and perfect will of the father moving forward. Whatever the stone represents in your life that’s preventing the miracle of life, surrender it! Whatever, whoever, wherever is blocking your true joy and happiness your destiny and purpose its up to you to choose wisely!
I give you life or death choose yea the path that you must go ! ( Deuteronomy 30:15-20 )he has given us all free will. Choose Life. I’m learning choosing his way leads to real and true life!

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