FullSizeRenderEver wonder when things in your life will change? Get better, be different? We all travel through our lives, working, sleeping, preparing meals, partying, eating, drinking, exercising and a host of other activities…is anyone praying? For some this is all their life is about and they are completely satisfied while others are always looking for, waiting for or trying to create that “thing”. Not really knowing what that “thing” is but constantly searching for it. Why, well in my opinion they believe there’s is something else, they just can’t seem to bring it into focus…is anyone praying?

Yes, I am one that believes there is more for me to do. I believe I can do more but most importantly that I should be doing more in my immediate life. Some days I think I have it figured out but then I realize I’m not passionate about it, instead it’s just something I enjoy doing…is anyone praying? So once again I return to my thoughts for the answer. I am just like most people, going through it to get to it, that “thing”. I am determine to find out what my calling is, my purpose, because although I know what I’m passionate about I can’t honestly say that my passion is my purpose. I have always been passionate about home decorating, it puts me in another zone and I am, if I must say so myself, really good at what I do. I consider myself a colorist; I can coordinate a color theme in a matter of minutes, truly. I can walk through a hardware store and catch a adrenaline rush. This “thing” has never made me drop everything else and just go for it, hence, I’ve begun to believe that home decorating is just a hobby that brings me joy.

When I figure out how to find my “thing” I will share my process, did I say process, hahaha. It’s not a process it’s more like a deposit into your sprit and then believing what God has put on your heart is the direction that HE is guiding you in to ultimately fulfill his purpose for you…is anyone praying? We all have one or the other, a gift (GOD given), a talent (you’e worked hard to craft it), or a desire (you spend days and nights thinking about it)…is anyone praying?

One last thought, you are never to old to receive God’s deposit into your spirit. Once Moses learned what was really important, God’s purpose, it took him another 40 years in the desert to discover how God intended to use him.

Get out of your own way and hop on the prayer bus. Free transportation to finding out your God given PURPOSE, That “Thing”.


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