KILLING Me Softly…Depression the Silent KILLER


Chris Rouse

Loneliness, relationship problems, money woes, health problems, chronic pain, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, a recent stressful life experience, unemployment, underemployment; all are factors that can contribute to depression at any time but most assuredly during the holiday season.

Eyes wide open, listening ears…I never knew she was so depressed, I had no idea things had gotten so bad. These are the comments that you hear when someone has done something to harm themselves but contrary to popular belief, December actually has the lowest suicide attempts of any month of the year.She keeps to herself, doesn’t talk much. He never goes out and doesn’t have any friends.  She used to be very outgoing but now she barely speaks to anyone.





 Depression may occur at any time of the year, but the stress and anxiety of the holiday season, especially during the months of November and December, (sometimes just before Valentine’s Day) may cause even those who are usually content to experience loneliness and a lack of fulfillment. Social isolation is one of the biggest predictors of depression – especially during the holidays.

Holiday depression in the elderly – If you notice that one of your older relatives isn’t quite their old self; they’re more anxious, more irritable, less joyful or quieter than they once were. They seem focused on talking about people who have died, or have lost interest in things they used to enjoy – including holiday traditions and festivities. It’s possible that these changes add up to signs of late-life depression. It’s especially common among those who have suffered a serious physical problem, whether it’s a heart attack, cancer, lung disease, or problems with their hips and joints.  They might just be lonely or feeling a bit melancholy.

Either way, please take notice and make a difference, don’t let that person spend the holiday alone. OK, I think you get the message, stay alert and most of all stay in touch with your family and your friends, especially during the holidays…Life is a precious commodity that cannot be replace

Presents are nice but your Presence is worth more than gold.



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