Ready for B.E.D…NOT

Chris Rouse

Chris Rouse

…the one that you sleep in. BED stands for ‘Binge Eating Disorder”

I enjoy food and when I eat it’s generally because I am hungry but there have been times that I’ve eaten something just because it was available. I am not a binge eater because I do know when to push myself back from the table. If I look in the mirror and what I see doesn’t please me or look like the me when I am feeling my best, I know it’s time to STOP, THINK and make some changes to my eating habits.

Now for Real Talk…At times I do think that my eating could easily peruse out of control especially with the foods that I really enjoy. Other than looking in the mirror, how do I control myself? Glad you asked. I usually start thinking about how uncomfortable I feel when I gain several pounds. Tight, ill fitting clothing makes me feel unattractive and just less appealing. The afore mentioned comments are important for me because being whole and in control allows me to present myself withot any inhibitions…I am just sayin, make it about you sometime.

Now getting back to binge eaters, people with BED consume large amounts of food in a relativity short period of time. An episode may last a couple of hours, or it may take place throughout the day. Many feel powerless to stop and are ashamed that they often eat in secret. BED suffers do not purge their food, they can be overweight, obese and some are even normal. So you see BED is not easy to detect in a person. They usually eat when they are stressed and generally feel like eating continuously is their only relief from stress and tension. The relief doesn’t last long. Some people feel numb during the bingeing episode. But afterwards, he or she may feel guilty, disgusted or depressed. It can turn into a vicious cycle of self hate.   Remember what I just said, it’s about you and how you feel or want to feel about yourself.

Now for some symptoms of BED:

Not being able to stop eating or control what you eat

Eating large amounts of food very quickly

Hiding food to eat in secret

Eating throughout the day with no plan meal time

Now for some more Real Talk…BED can be closely tied to many things, depression, social factors, and the pressure to be thin which leads many to a poor body image and low self- esteem. Remember what I just said, it’s about you and how you feel or want to feel about yourself.

Over time compulsive eating can lead to obesity and the health conditions associated with:

Type 2 diabetes

Gallbladder disease

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Certain types of cancer

OsteoarthritisBinge Eater_3

       Joint and muscle pain

Gastrointestinal problems

Sleep apnea

I know it may seem strange that people are addicted to food, but The Addiction is Real and can be serious. If you know anyone that fits the profile as described above, do your best help them recognize their addition, without alienating them. Support groups and group therapy may help someone feel less alone and ashamed. Therapy with a psychiatrist or clinical social worker who specializes in treating BED can help.

Binge Eater_4Enjoy your food but don’t make it about the food…make it about you…I am just sayin!!!

  Chris…Lovin Myself, Always             

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