Is He Naked…

Chris Rouse

Chris Rouse

Ladies June 15th  thru June 21st  is “National Men’s Health Week ” and  guess what, Father’s Day is June 21st.  Right now many women are contemplating what to present  to that special man in their life, be it a husband, father, mate or good friend.  If they are a father June 21st is their special day of recognition for being a guiding light and many cases the foundation that supports the family.   Don’t leave your special man or men naked on Father’s Day.  Cloak him (them) with one of the best gifts ever, a trip to the doctor.  I am speaking mainly to the women whose men think they are invincible and make it a habit to visit their doctor as infrequently as possible.  Encouragement with a whole lot of love attached goes a long way when impressing upon your man (men) the importance of regular check ups and physicals.  A little collar of guilt to go along with the cloak wouldn’t hurt either.

I was having a conversation with a male co-worker recently and he said the best thing that a man can do for his health is to stay married.  At first I had to think about and then it hit, what he meant.  Women are relentless when it comes to the family health.  While men shy away from doctors visit, women are all about finding out why they can’t sleep at night…hmmmm.  So you see a women will ensure that her man, father or brother  goes to  the doctors,  yes, nagging included.

Help your man  manage his nutrition, think positive,  find a balance and maintain a positive attitude to reduce stress. A lifestyle change can be good for the entire family. Exercise, take a daily family walk and switch to a healthier diet, include more green leafy vegetables, complex carbs, protein,  hydration, water, water, water and the entire family should get enough sleep.  Sleep is the drug that fuels the face.  You know what I mean if you are getting less than 8 hours.

I leave you with this, on his own a naked man has a difficult time finding a Cloak with a Collar…


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