Change Isn’t Always Good!!

Brenda Wilson

Brenda Wilson

People say that change is good.  Well, in most cases I would agree.  Changing things up can often bring about a sense of accomplishment, joy, excitement, and a host of other emotions.  Change can also bring about angst and regret for the end result of change doesn’t always live up to the hype of “change is good”.

Today I experienced such a disappointment.  The day began with Physical Therapy as I recover from shoulder surgery.  While this “exercise” typically leaves me longing for my bed and a pain pill, today, I anxiously awaited the end to Physical Therapy because I knew a change was coming.  Today, my month long routine of returning home to be held hostage by these four walls was not in my immediate future.  Why? Today I was going to get a mani, pedi, and get my hair done.  And despite being somewhat a creature of habit, I decided to CHANGE things up a bit.

For my nails, I chose a different iridescent shade of pink and for my toes an unusual (for me at least) shade of purple……for surely I felt like royalty today being out on my own.  To make it all seem even better, I was “allowed” to drive myself giving me the freedom to stop at other places before returning home without the look of “what else do we need to stop for” that has frequently crossed my husbands’ face and he has driven me – Ms Daisy – for the last four weeks.  Oh and feeling my Wheaties after the mani/pedi, I went way out there and got my hair braided in contrast to the conservative up do that I intended.

Image result for photos of manicures and pedicuresImage result for photos of manicures and pedicures

In retrospect, following my day of excited change, tears feel my eyes as I realize the price I have paid for these changes that I had such high hopes for a mere 8 hours ago.  Even as I type this message through the agony of pain it is causing to my arm, I truly wish I could turn back the hands of time and NOT change a thing.  I would happily let my husband drive me around all day, stick with my signature nude nail polish color on my hands, and bright red on my toes.  And surely I would have chosen wiser when it comes to my hair.

Trying to find the silver lining in my disappointing day of change, I can say that it has been a learning experience to say the least.  The price paid has been costly….I’m not happy with my shimmering nails, purple toes, or the braided hair that is nearly touching my butt down my back.  So as I wait for pain meds to kick in before I curl up in a ball of pain, I submit that YES change is good but ONLY when there is a learning (good or bad) that is the end result of that change.

For me today, I have learned many lessons – mainly that going with the status quo and NOT changing is sometime the wisest and best choice to make.  Till next time, keep on making changes but do so with open eyes as the rose color of my glasses today are making for a cloudy night.

Smooches, Brenda

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