Perfect Fit…

Racquel Outten

Racquel Outten

In a world with so much confusion we struggle at times with fitting the pieces of the puzzle of our lives. Trusting, hoping, seeking, planning…learning through the maze of life…Yet do we ever stop and wonder does the pieces of me fit the Pieces of you….does the pieces of you fit the pieces of me?

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Ummmm let’s talk…  Cross fit, outfit, yikes do we fit? My baby sister loves to do puzzles. I’ve watched her work on the simplest pieces .You know the ones that have large cut outs and resemble a bowl of fruit or a cute kitten…Then I’ve watched her work for hours even days, weeks on the most complex puzzles. Possessing intricate pieces that are cut so small you really must have patience and passion organizing them!! These puzzles look more like cities with bridges and bodies of water, skylines if you will. Though seeing the time and effort it takes to master the puzzle … After it’s done you get the picture, the final piece.  As I observed the process of her working on a puzzle, I saw her shuffle the pieces with her hand and place the major piece she would start with and work from there trying to find the next piece that would fit perfectly in the spot it was cut out for. I observed the maneuvering, estimating, frustration and the excitement and relief when the piece would fit perfectly. This ignited the inspiration for this article. It made me think about relationships and how one person can perfectly match another, possessing the unique pieces or qualities that create the whole person ultimately the relationship.

So I asked the question do you know who you are and how you recognize who is perfectly cut out for you.  Let’s consider the pieces for a minute looking at them by themselves they all possess a unique shape, they have some deficiencies as you notice the voided edges and spaces… Let’s say this may represent the flaws or imperfections in oneself. Now to find the match! No puzzle piece is void of a cut out or flaw, but when placed together these small pieces transformed into a bigger perfect picture. Whatever space or void one piece posses the matching piece was cut out to fill that space or void! In other words your weakness may be the others strength and vice versa.   Then I observed her placing pieces in areas that no matter how she estimated, forced, jammed it would not fit! These pieces weren’t cut out for each other though they resembled a likeness of each other and was still a part of the final picture they would not fit! You know ladies like that pair of shoes we try to force on even when they may not have our size, but we like the style so much that we are willing to compromise comfort for beauty; but LAWD each step we take our feet and toes are screaming to be free!!!!! Yep, been there done that!  Yeah girl Got corns and t- shirt to prove it ha-ha“. Please no hammer toes, not cute! The irony is sometimes we may try to use this same tactic in choosing a mate!  However worn feet aren’t to be compared to self lost and un- fulfillment, unhappiness and the list can go on.

I guess by now you know where I’m going with this. Sometimes in life we have those relationships that are like the simpler puzzles  they were much easier to fit the pieces together , maybe because the pieces were bigger , not so broken and so these two individuals were afforded the opportunity to meet each other with ease fall In Love and join themselves for life . Then we have those more challenging pieces. There are times in life some have had to experience many situations and people that seem to fit, almost fit but still were not the perfect fit. No matter how hard you tried just couldn’t make it work. A friend once told me “you can’t turn sugar into s….. Or s…..into sugar “I’m sure you can read between the lines! Yeah, you got it!!! You can’t make something into what it’s not!  It is what it is at times and not all what you try to create.  This same friend also stated “I don’t think God intended for man to be with one woman!! He didn’t see where it says this in the bible!  My response to this is yes it is, because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there! Consider air.

You can’t see it but its there. However there are many scriptures that show God’s will for marriage. Consider these, (Genesis 2:18-25, 1Cor. 7:1-11). Though there may be other possible persons that may almost fit there is only one that fits perfectly, the one heaven creates; the missing rib, the bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. It’s called true love and soul mates.  Notice I never called the pieces themselves perfect! That’s because there are no perfect people, true love is two imperfect people loving each other perfectly and unconditionally. It’s an agape (God) kinda love. You cannot make Mr. or Mrs. right now into Mr. or Mrs. forever! In other words the final picture!!  Reflecting on life we realize that every relationship (like those pieces) has purpose because everything under the sun has purpose. People and circumstances are all the pieces of life’s puzzle to create a bigger picture. It’s the very fabric of your life’s story. The ultimate picture should reflect God as the creator and master. In human relationships this also holds true. In life you may have to meet Mr. and Mrs. right now ultimately to arrive to Mr. and Mrs. right and forever.



Yet God should be our master match maker. The purpose of those relationships was to teach you something of self while learning of the other person. It came to shape and mold you for the Perfect picture. and perfect purpose. Have no regrets just lessons. Like the good book says with wisdom gain understanding. So to further respond to the statement of one man for one woman I believe God loved us so much that he took time to create a perfect match for each one he ordained for marriage. The good book says he created a match for Adam from one rib they became one (Gen 2:18-25) to take his other rib and create a second would render him weak, purposeless or dead!! Get my drift…He also says whom he puts together let nothing and no one tear them apart! That’s power, that’s Love! It’s really God!! God does everything in decency and in order. He makes no mistakes. He is holy and the only perfect one.

God knows who is intricately cut, shaped, molded for you, that’s how much he loves you he made someone that belongs to no one else other than you and himself! How special is that? No one else has your thang! I think that’s pretty darn amazing. The problem we face is when people compromise themselves to be in relationships that are not divinely purposeful and with people that weren’t uniquely cut for them.  At times we don’t spend enough time working on ourselves or recognizing ourselves to be able to recognize the perfect Reflection of oneself in another. So we settle for many reasons other than love with true purpose.  When God created marriage he purposed it to be a true reflection of his love and his Devine purpose for that union. Marriage is a form of worship and they that worship him must do it in sprit and in truth.  How can one be successful in anything without God? How can creation separate from its creator and have successful purpose. How can worship be true if the worshippers aren’t right?  “One thing love isn’t unsure” (I loved it, to quote the late Maya Angelou in the movie Family reunion.) It was a very profound moment for me. Love is not forced it just is and if forced or manipulated it’s not real. It’s not surface or conditional it’s real and from the depths of the soul. That’s where love resides and derives. It cannot be contained and will always win. It covers a multitude of sin and fault.

Observing my sister take time and patience to create a beautiful picture makes me believe that God does the same in fitting the pieces of our characters and circumstances to create a beautiful union which will glorify him. We are all pieces of this life’s puzzle and we all have our own beauty, positive attributes, faults, brokenness, that makes us who we are. Sometimes we have to go through life and circumstances  in order to be ready and fit perfectly at the right divine  time to be used by God .Timing and seasons are everything and nothing happens before it’s time or due season . Circumstances, seasons, purpose have to match in order to create a perfect fit. Anything and anyone that’s not cut out for you will never fit no matter how much one rationalize or try to make it fit. It’s been said “if you love something set it free if it comes back, it was and always will be yours, if it never returns it was never yours to begin with”. Yet all things that return may or may not have ‘forever ‘written on them. It may be that the lesson in purpose isn’t finished!  Sometimes you have to go back to move forward. “Can’t God make people fall in love “? … No!! “But God can do anything “.  Yes he can, but the thing he cannot do is lie. To manipulate the hearts of a person to fall in love is witch craft and evil; God is holy and he would have no part in unholiness and dishonesty.

That’s the way Satan operates. But I read somewhere in the bible where it says GOD turns the heart of Man. Yes the bible does state that but God does not manipulate love he turns the hearts of men to fulfill his purpose and for obedience but he will never manipulate love because it cannot be manipulated. He is love. If something already is, why would one need to fake it?!!  “Ya got a point there girl” who fakes them self?  You might try to be something else but you can’t fake being you! God is holy, just, perfect and all good!! There is no failure or mistake in him. He is not darkness he is light and to experience true love is to experience God. It doesn’t get any better than that, that’s why you can’t kill love … It can’t die you can’t kill God can you? Satan tried and he rose again, matter of fact he couldn’t kill him… He laid down his life through his son.  So when you have that one you aren’t trying to live with but you can’t live without, the one you would die for then the piece fit! Then you have God! Remember an aisle walk does not create soul mates sometimes all you are left with is an aisle walk and a moment in time. Everyone that says I do, God didn’t!! He is the ultimate judge of who fits with your being and life. He is the ultimate match maker of ALL THINGS GOOD AND TRUE. THE POWER of love is a wonderful and powerful force that cannot be smiled or dismissed.  I’m reminded of the beautiful song by Will Downing “You Just Can’t Smile it Away” and songs by the artist Kem, these artists embody the very essence of true love lyrically.

God never said the road with each would be easy but he did promise to be with you on the journey. Unless the Lord builds a house they that Build it without him does so in vain! (Psalm 127:1) It’s only a matter of time before it falls.  Question is why and who are you building your house with and after the pieces of the puzzle of a relationship you are building, when finished will it look like a beautiful picture and tell an inspirational story or will it be a mess, unidentifiable and unreal! The answer is in you and your truth. Question is why and who are you building your life with? After the pieces of this puzzle of a relationship are assembled, what will it reflect? Is it a beautiful picture that tells an inspirational story or will it be a mess, unidentifiable and unreal! The answer is in you and your truth.

Until next time consider the pieces of your puzzle and the final Story your life’s choices, what will it reflect. May God grant you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him. Be encouraged and Happy New Year, 2015!!

To thine own self be true! W. Shakespeare

God’s blessings and favor to you. Keep Reading… & Thank you




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