Christmas…It’s Over Already!!!

Chris Rouse

Chris Rouse

Christmas is my favorite holiday and like every other holiday my goal is not to over indulge.    Over the years I convinced myself that food is merely for survival and I only need a small piece of that red velvet cake and seconds aren’t necessary because the first plate will be enough.  Turn on the lights and pull back the covers, it’s time to get up and stop dreaming.   Didn’t that sound like I am really disciplined; I wish…It’s Christmas Day!

When I lived with my mother many years ago I looked forward to Christmas morning.  The aroma throughout the house was contagious, turkey, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato pies, collard greens and the list goes on…YUMMM

What I enjoyed most about Christmas back then was knowing that it was going to be a family day.  I still feel the same today, but for some reason when I was a child and even when  I was growing into adulthood the family gathering was always the most important part of the day, gift exchange was  on the list but not number one.  Not until I became an adult did the order change.  Today Christ tops my list followed by family togetherness.

I am reflecting back because Jesus is truly the reason for the season, a cliché but so true. His birth is our beginning.  Now I am not going to rant on about Christmas but in preparation for his birthday next year let’s remember that the Day is most important because it’s Jesus’ beginning.   He was born for specific reasons.  (Colossian 1:15-17)


Because of mankind’s sin

Because God wanted to reveal His own character to humanity

To remove the sins of humankind through a perfect sacrifice

For mankind to have a Mediator

To provide the promised Seed of Abraham

To make his Spirit available to all humankind

For God to redeem mankind

Next Year incorporate Jesus’ birth into the celebration or make his birth the celebration!


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