Change of Grace

Brenda Wilson

Brenda Wilson

Webster defines grace as elegance, kindness, blessing, and dignity to name only a few.  Years ago my definition would have only included words such as beauty, loveliness, and style.  That was until the last two years.  Between starting to work at a “faith based” company and the pending loss of my dear friend, grace has taken on a new meaning for me.  That isn’t a bad thing; the change of mindset has been good.  Good for not only my psyche but for the health of my spiritual heart and my faith walk with God.

Nowadays, the only meaning of Grace that seems relative is forgiveness.  I seem to need this “grace” more and more these days.  My need for forgiveness comes in many forms:

  • Not staying in touch more often with friends
  • Judging others for the decisions THEY make – which actually don’t have a thing to do with me or my life
  • Being rude or too direct when kindness and humility would serve just as well

While this list is short, it isn’t short for lack of things to input but it contains the most impactful thoughts that I pray will change more and more each day.  So as this year comes to an end and a new one looms ahead, I pray for GRACE for each of you – whatever meaning you choose.

For me and mine, we continue to strive to glorify GOD by being a positive influence.  To do that, changing just the three things above will definitely make a difference in “MY WORLD” and hopefully the world of those around me.  So this is my gift to each of you, the GIFT OF GRACE!!!!

Smooches, Brenda

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