Transition…Part Two…

Brenda Wilson

Brenda Wilson

Yep!  The saga continues.  It has been a couple of months since I spoke of the end of life journey for my dear, dear friend.  Well I am happy to report that despite the doctor’s diagnosis and bleak outlook, my friend is still with us and still enjoying the heck out of life.

Yes her steps are a little slower and her memory is not as crisp as it has been in the past, but I am so thankful and blessed to report that she is still with us and going strong.  What a blessing and testimony!  And I gotta tell you that my friend has and continues to know the blessings of God, she continues to show me how to be gracious and kind and loving even in light of adversity.

Last time we spoke, I was sitting in my friend’s living room reflecting on the past and trying to be optimistic about the future.  Back then, the future was very uncertain and I didn’t know if I’d have a month or a few days with my friend.   Well since then, we’ve had a great girl’s weekend and a not so nice weekend emergency trip to see her.  But as I sit in my very own living room with her on the sofa watching TV with me and my family, I can almost burst into tears because she is still here and able to get around and drive and everything.

Yes the doctor’s were wrong (no 3 months here) and God’s plan has made other arrangements.  So while the transition is still ongoing, the timeline has and continues to be out of our control.  Yet we continue to travel on this journey with humility and grace and great friendship.

So as life throws you a wrench from time to time and things seem to be out of your control and because you many tears just remember that change is a constant part of life.  Its how we deal with change and how we help those who are going through change that really matters.  I myself am thankful for change because it has taught me how to be strong when I feel weak, how to laugh when I want to cry and most importantly how to love unconditionally even when my heart is breaking.

For each of you I wish peace and God’s grace as you transition through your change.  While often change is not the path we would choose for ourselves, change can bring you a blessing that you didn’t expect that ultimately will add such value to your life you will welcome it over and over because you know there truly is a blessing on the other side of through” (James Bignon).

Till the next change, y’all keep it moving forward!  Change is the blessing of the future.

Smooches, Brenda


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  1. Great message. I need to sign up to get your blog. Hugs!

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