Old Fashioned Values!…I’m in Love With #%#~~~~!!!

Racquel Outten

Racquel Outten

Hello, it’s been a while since we’ve talked, I’m proud to say since our last conversation I’ve birthed my new baby Racquel’s Signature Salon!! The grand Opening was a success thanks to all that attended personally and in spirit. I’ve had a serious case of writers block…Consequently because I’ve been very careful to nurture the process of focusing on my dream. However, when inspiration knocks, I answer. Most times my conversations are triggered by numerous circumstances or at spontaneous moments.  Being a listening ear has been a very important asset in my career. This is an attribute that I find is lost today. Communication between the human races seems to be nonexistent or lost to smart phones, social media, you know, Face book, Twitter. The lists goes on…I’ve heard even in my profession modern day stylists prefer texting rather than talking to clients!!! What have we become? Since I’ve been the voice in relationships I’d like to talk about how we are communicating even with the opposite sex!

The art of the pursuit is left up to texting! Say it ain’t so!! Whatever happened to late night convos? Ahhhhh remember the days. That sure was a whole lot more attractive and meaningful! So Excuse me, am I dating your phone? “Whoop yep I believe she went there”. So take several seats, let’s talk. Whatever happened to the need to hear someone’s voice, can you establish or really comprehend what a person is trying to relay through text messages? Can you really get to know a person this way? Why is this the most common way humans choose to communicate with each other today? Do we really think that’s effective communication? My opinion, I think NOT!!!

I am a very observant person and I’ve always been intrigued by human behavior. I’d like to think that I was a psychologist in my life before life, hahaha!!! Possessing a philosophical nature I’m curious about the whys and how’s of life, you know the root of the matter. Having dinner one  night I observed a few couples and families. To my amazement there was very little to no communication other than the witness of texting or scrimmaging through cell phones and the occasional acknowledgment of a plate in front of them. “Oh we did come to have dinner right”? I saw couples not engaging with each other but aloof and distant! It broke my heart. The art of communication between humans has been compromised from the dawn of time. I feel that Satan has always attacked this part of the human relationship between Creation and its Creator (God).

The good book says “if two cannot agree how can they walk together”? (Amos 3:3), A house divided cannot stand, (Matthew 12:25). Satan is the author of confusion and division, (Corinthians 14:33) he despises unity and love.  He comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). So how can we truly interact with each other if we neglect the need to hear and feel the other person? It’s hard enough as it is for the opposite sex to understand each other’s characteristic languages…HELLO! Did we forget we are still from different planets (Venus and Mars)? It still remains a struggle between male and female! Now, God forbid texting has been thrown in the pot!!! Lawd can we get any more complicated or become more perplexed. Furthermore what examples do we set for the next generation?

It has been said throughout time that communication is the key. Then do we ever stop to think what’s happening to us? How can we build and invest, interpret each other without verbal communication. Then we wonder why affairs begin!!  “Whoop” Yes I went there to”. Let’s keep it real as always. What you don’t invest in or take care of someone else will. For the most part verbal communication is something women thrive on and men lack. So where does that leave us? Yes I agree technology throughout the years has made things easier but are they beneficial to and for us? We’ve come to a place where we’ve placed trust in a computer to think, speak and calculate for us. Heck when I’m typing on my phone the keyboard tries to correct what I’m trying to say, replacing words with its own interpretation of my thoughts!!!! Gheesh!  What’s happening to our brains?  What’s happening to our ability to make wise choices? Has technology truly connected us or are we really fooling ourselves? My opinion again….We are being programmed to disconnect!!! Something to really consider!

I believe texting and social media has become another mask for the responsibility of true effective communication and is the fear of facing real, issues and dealing with them. One can be very bold to texting sadly, somehow we are losing the importance of learning to effectively communicate. How do we get it back? I mentioned to someone that I love my old-fashioned traditions and values to receive the response of “well I don’t believe in old fashion values” THIS TRULY IS THE PROBLEM. While I do understand that some old ideals can be worked on I see nothing wrong with most of the values and morals that molded us! I find that it’s the wrong happening to our world and society. For every 25 people in a setting there are probably 3 that hold to traditional morals and values. Great disparity. My belief is this is why the good book says the path to destruction is wide but the way to the right path is very narrow and only few travel that road (Matthew 7:13-14). Today there is moral decay in human behavior replaced by technology and belief systems that have despised and destroyed old-fashioned values and morals – practices this next generation lacks but needs. I challenge you to consider if we lose human communication and traditional values and morals; WHAT AND WHO DO WE HAVE LEFT? What kind of world will this be and who is in charge? Is Technology to be our moral compass?

I challenge men and women to consider the investment they make in each other can never be replaced by a phone. Can you gauge the tone of a voice, the need to feel the touch or feel the heart beat through a phone? I don’t care how smart a phone is! Ha! It still takes a human mind! What are we investing in? Treasure and value the one you have chosen as a mate or someone else will. The art of true courtship and pursuit should not be lost or interpreted through a device! Yes the computed one…..Your voice and presence is paramount! I challenge parents, children and families to consider life and its frailty. It took a village to raise a child it still does but we’ve dismissed it. A smart phone, tablet or iPad cannot raise your children nor can they honor your mother or father. A device cannot love or make the difference. Life is still about choices, who and what will we choose to invest in?  There are many disparities and oppositions in life that try to divide and conquer the human race and its creator (God).  Yet God is merciful, and loving. I’ve come to find no love greater through his example of the gift of his son to us as savior (John 3:16) and through my life’s experiencing him personally.

He created us to love each other in return loving him. Where and what you treasure is where your heart and love is (Matthew 6:21). Take the time to consider the voice of your loved one, the look of their face, the feel of their skin, the beat of their heart, it is all very precious and life is very short; take that for granted and when they are gone, All you will be left with is an empty shell of a phone and a wish of being able to hear their voice, feel their touch, or hear their heart beat one more time.  Morals and values should not be compromised! Compromise to the extreme becomes surrender! The question then becomes to what, whom and what price are we willing to pay to surrender? The good book also tells us not to conform to the ways of the world… (Romans 12:2). I know, in order to grow you must be open to new things, however as we gain knowledge (with an open mind) the good book also says gain understanding (Proverbs 4:7). Are we truly cognizant of what’s happening to us as a human race? Are we becoming computers? Cold and heartless, a computer cannot feel…#UNH…reminds me of the movie I Robot! Oh yeah it was a movie about a robot (Computer) that was trying to understand and become human! No matter what, it couldn’t, wasn’t and will never be human! Take the time to reconsider and create true relationships.

I will forever embrace my traditional values and morals and choose to value the gift of a real person. This is my choice, what’s yours?  Until Next time may grace, mercy, Love and true communication be yours

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