Stolen Moments

Racquel Outten

Racquel Outten

Hello ladies it’s been a while since I’ve graced paper to pen. I’ve missed our conversations, however in life there is always so much to say; each day our lives can be an unwritten story. I’ve been busy nurturing a new baby. We all know how a new born requires much attention. Yet this new baby isn’t flesh and blood. It is a dream with labor pains and persistence and most important my faith in God, I’ve birthed this dream. I named her Racquel’s Signature. Carrying the torch with much passion for the beauty industry I’ve embarked upon opening another Salon. It’s required much of my attention yet I share this experience with you in great joy because my baby is finally here. I’m preparing for my official grand opening August 23rd… Cheers!

I realize that sometimes there are stolen moments even for self and I’ve not been able to write much this past few months. At present time I’ve had to steal time to make sure I’m not spreading myself thin in order to remain sane!! Ha-ha, don’t get me wrong this has been a wonderful experience watching my dream unfold and yet these stolen moments have been just enough to keep me grounded in self preservation. Though demanded by many things we must learn to take care of ourselves in the midst of it all.  Sometimes all you have is enough for yourself! I hope to get back into the swing of writing real soon I’ve got a lot of stories in me… Yet I know they also have a season and will be revealed in their time. For effective writing, meaningful conversation is not only pen to paper, it’s also mature experiences!

Thank you for reading thus far and stay tuned there will be more conversations to come. I leave you with this.  No matter what your vision is in life it is a relationship between you and that dream. Write it, (the good book says to write the vision and make it plain) nurture it, wait on it and don’t ever be afraid to see it through because with God All things are possible as you believe. What he has for you cannot be un-for you!! Get my drift. In the midst of it all take care of you and guard your faith for self preservation is not to be selfish but necessary in order to be able to pour into others, stolen moments may just have to be that. Steal time for yourself and be filled and fulfilled.

Until next time keep talking, keep believing and keep finding stolen moments for yourself!

Grace and Mercy,


2 responses to “Stolen Moments

  1. shar marshall

    Congrats Raquel’s Pen for writing your words into life. MAY GID FORE C ER HAVE HIS PROTECTION over gifts. This was so inspiring. #thequeenofthemane

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