Change of Perspective…

Brenda Wilson

Brenda Wilson

Happy Resurrection Everyone!  I hope that each of you have spent this Lent season sacrificing in the name of Jesus something that was keeping you distracted from God’s will and His will for your life.  As I’ve done in the past, I gave up something that at the time I felt totally committed to and that thing that I would find time to do no matter what.  It is sad to say but for me this year that thing was “Candy Crush”… yes that game that millions and millions play on Facebook or via the App.  One would think that now that my goal of denial has been accomplished I would be glad to jump back into something that has been such a key part of my daily routine.  Yet I find myself not really interested in that game albeit gaming still a part of my normal relaxation for the day.

Surprisingly, another fixation has taken center stage whereby forcing me to change my perspective of myself.  The fixation may seem frivolous to many but to me it has taken on a life of its own and caused me to take a close look inside of myself and change my perspective on how I see me.  This fixation is my nails!  Yes as in fingernails.  For as long as I can remember having fingers, I have been blessed with long fingers and attractive nails that I pride myself in keeping in immaculate shape and flawless polish at all times.  The length has always been tastefully long but never, ever short and stubby…..well stubby to my eyes.  Well as God has a tendency to do, I’ve been taught due to a recent development whereby I had to chop off my beautifully coiffed nails down to barely any nail at all and absolutely no color.

I admit I didn’t go peacefully; I actually cried when I first came to the realization that I had to cut off my nails.  As I glance at my hands even now as I type this conversation, I do not see the model caliber hands that I’ve loved and nurtured for decades.  So what is a vain girl to do?  I’ve done some soul searching and had to put on my big girl panties and suck it up.  There are others who have had to do the same with their nails but I doubt they feel the same as I do about mine.  That’s my thinking anyway; nobody knows my struggle!  However, through their constant griping and complaining I have realized that I just need to change my perspective and move forward.

My beauty isn’t tied to my hands.  I didn’t all of a sudden turn into a monster just because my nails were not beautifully manicured and polished as what I’ve been accustomed to for all these years.  My perspective had to change on how I see myself and what I will allow to define me.

So as I walk this latest journey of change, I ask each of you what is that thing in your life?  And if it were taken away or dramatically changed how would you handle it?  I do believe that maturity and self-confidence plays a major role in how each of us handles situations like this.  Had this been 30 years ago, I’d probably still be in the bed in tears under the covers never to venture out again without some serious therapy.  Today, I suck it up and try to come up with other self-affirming chants to get me through this struggle.  I know I will be ok and God will give me the strength to walk this latest journey of change.  Funny how life throws us a curve ball when we think we got our stuff together.

We’ve all been thrown a curve ball at some point in our lives and mine might appear to be trite for some but very important to me. Let’s talk, tell me, what was your curve ball?

Smoochies, Brenda


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  2. What’s up, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this article.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

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