Racquel Outten

Racquel Outten

Greetings to you!  It’s time for another conversation! I know you saw the title of this message “NAKED”!!! . I’m sure in your mind you are wondering “what in the world is that about”? Well, what if I were to ask the question “are you walking around naked”?  And if so “Adam where art thou “? Infamous words and a provoking question that our father in heaven asked Adam when Eve ate of the forbidden fruit! Ever wonder what the moral connotation of that entire experience was about?

Let’s talk…..From the beginning of time God gave man dominion over everything on and in the earth, he also made man head of the household in marriage. A man is supposed to be the leader of his home. However in this instance Adam dropped the ball! And a snake caught Eve’s attention! Leaves one to wonder what Adam was doing while Eve was being lured away from the safety of her home and the protection of her covering (her soul mate). Furthermore why did she leave? By no means do I suggest that Eve should not be held accountable for her choice to wander, however, it leaves one to wonder after she committed the sin of eating from the forbidden tree, why God didn’t confront her first! God went directly to Adam, her head, her covering.

So much emphasis has been placed on the fruit that Eve ate and yet we neglect to actually recognize the entire tree! A tree that bore fruit of many mysterious things of life, it represented knowledge of ALL that was good and evil. God had given them access to everything in the garden but this tree was forbidden! Isn’t it amazing how the enemy of our souls no matter how blessed we are and how much we possess, he always entices us to look at what we don’t have. If eaten of this tree, it gave revelation of spiritual awareness and destruction, something that God wanted to protect them from. It opened a Pandora’s Box to a whole lot of trouble, hurt and pain. Not only that, this very act destroyed mankind throughout the earth. Ultimately separation from God”. The Choices we make not only affects our lives, but the lives of others.

By nature women are known to be more emotional, creatures. Unlike men they require emotional nurturing. In her state of vulnerability Eve wandered into the garden being lead by her emotions. Now Adam should have been paying attention to Eve, recognize what she might be experiencing that caused her to stray from home – assume his position as her leader and respond accordingly. Somehow through a void something got her attention and spoke to her emotions where Adam failed to. Somehow a crack was opened and temptation crept in. Since they didn’t have televisions or big cooperate companies back then, I’d like to think Adam neglected Eve because he was busy working the Garden. Most men are raised to believe bringing home the bacon is all that is required of them. When a woman is not being emotionally supported by her mate it leaves her vulnerable. It actually leaves her naked. Walking around with no covering, no protection. Women need their emotions stroked and fed like a man needs his ego stroked. Women need to feel secure and men need to feel respected. At times men neglect to remember this most important fact. Eve was missing something so she wandered. Sadly instead of running into her creator and seeking his face to fill her void she ran upon a Snake!  A snake that occupied the very tree that bared fruit of some NO GOOD!!! Yep I said it that way intentionally…no wonder he was in that forbidden tree.

Let’s keep it all the way real, no matter how spiritual a person is when in a relationship it is pertinent that couples pay attention to each other and learn of each other’s needs and love languages; for temptation may be around the corner! Maybe even in a tree. Whoa! If a woman is not feeling a sense of security in love and in her union with her partner she is vulnerable to anything or anyone that can speak to her needs. Yes Christian women as well! Think not of yourself to strong least yea fall (1 Corinthians 10: 12, 13) if Jesus can be tempted what do you think about yourself? However he sinned not, he was perfection.  It never cease to amaze me how we as humans crave for companionship and yet when blessed with one to love and receive love we end up taking each other for granted. Becoming so complacent that once possessed we cease the work.

The magic or the beauty if you will in finding love or getting married isn’t just that, it is remaining in it. Choosing each day to view that person as one deserving of the commitment and the work it takes to create something beautiful and lasting. Most times we do whatever it takes to further our careers, become more educated, watch our bank accounts, develop friendships and yet neglect the very gift at home!  A lot of times men will pay attention to football games, the gym, work, their cars, friends or money, while forgetting the one he chose love with and failing to realize she is possibly NAKED and Neglected.

Men would like to believe that a woman wouldn’t dare to have an affair. It’s important to realize women have needs as well. There are times when a woman seeks attention elsewhere it’s most likely for the emotional support rather than sex! Even though that could be a factor if another speaks to her needs. She may go neglected for a long time, while until frustration sets in, or someone else comes in and notices her value. He may not always be a snake either! If you don’t value your gift another will! I’ve always maintained it takes two to make a marriage work so I do not place the entire blame on Adam. God forbid I will not come off as male bashing! Women at times can be the cause of losing their mates attention! We will cover that in another conversation. However in this instance, they were the only two placed in the garden (their own house hold). So whatever was going on between the two of them, they both invited the snake into their union. They both disobeyed God by their individual choices. God confronted Adam as the head yet he dealt with both of them as a union.

God called Adam out because he left him in charge! He left him as the head of all living things. When the head fails the rest of the body suffers. Eve offered the forbidden fruit to Adam and he ate of it. Though a man is to be the head a woman can be the neck! She can turn that head in the direction needed, however she must be careful and be lead with her spiritual wisdom and not by emotional feelings.

In closing; it is my philosophy that I may be captured but never conquered! I’m never the same yet the same…always seeking growth and working on becoming a better me. My mate must do the same. Complacency in a relationship should not be accepted.  To continuously neglecting to meet the needs of your mate leads to possibly inviting a snake in. Or someone who will appreciate the value of the other person.  Sometimes it may be a relationship that’s not meant to be. Yet if you are not getting the love you deserve, leave. If love is not your reason for getting together and staying together you are fooling yourself and living a defeated life. The forbidden fruit is called that for a reason. In relationships there are forbidden fruits yet if that line is ever compromised it leads to pain. Seeking love or attention in another when in a relationship already may lead to the flavor of that fruit rotting in ones reality. The results are painful and sometimes deadly. This is why it’s called forbidden. It’s not the Master’s desire to keep us from love but that we experience it in its purity. Don’t be fooled it can happen to you if you continue to take her or (each other) for granted.

Sin is not hurtful because it’s forbidden, but it is forbidden because it’s hurtful. Benjamin Franklin

Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end. Tryon Edwards

Your greatest gift and possession in life is Love! Invested to protect and share! Racquel Outten

Grass develops its own thorns and thistles that can choke your beautiful flowers, yet can be weeded out by its owner! Water your own grass on the other side its only greener when neglecting your own!  Racquel Outten

What you invest in, you get back. Why then are you surprised in the return! Racquel Outten 

Until next time pay attention and protect your investment! Grace and mercy be yours until we chat again.



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