A Few Small Changes can Make a Big Difference…

Chris Rouse

Chris Rouse

Can I share a true story with you?  Recently I found myself in a buffet environment (not by choice) and a women sitting across from me was preparing to enjoy her own personal buffet.  She had a mountain high plate of salad, a bowl of peaches, and a bowl of broccoli. As I watched her sitting in front of her smorgasbord I overheard her explaining to her friend how she’d taken 2 slices of bread, several slices of cheese and tomatoes, made a sandwich and then placed it in the microwave to melt the cheese, yes that  was also a part of the smorgasbord.   As sat there listening to her explain this, all I could think was “she really doesn’t need all that food”, the salad by itself was more than enough.   We have become a society of over eaters and as a result the clothing manufacturers have accommodated this new lifestyle.  This might sound harsh and offensive, but pushing the chair back from the table is an exercise that many should participate in. My concern for our health overrides my ability to just sit back and say or do nothing.  Overeating can lead to some long term health issues.

This might prove to be a challenging transition for some but I am sure many will embrace the idea of enjoying their favorite foods in a healthier fashion.  Please try some of the healthy recipe modifications below and let me know if the difference is enough to make you forego a healthier lifestyle.  Eat better and you’ll feel better!

Suggestions for reducing FAT:

  • Use reduced fat (2%), low-fat (1%) or fat-free milk rather than whole milk.
  • Serve meat and potatoes without gravy.
  • Use spices, herbs and/or lemon juice rather than butter or margarine on vegetables.
  • Replace processed meat with lean meat; poultry or fish.
  • Limit the use of fried or deep fried foods.
  • Use half the amount of oil to sauté or brown foods.

Suggestions for reducing SODIUM

  • Use garlic or onion powder instead of garlic or onion salt.
  • Use fresh or frozen foods rather than canned foods or use low salt or low sodium canned foods.
  • Omit or reduce one-half the amount of table salt in most recipes.

Suggestions for reducing SUGAR

  • Replace canned fruits packed in heavy syrup with fresh seasonal fruit or fruits packed in natural juices.
  • Serve seasonal fruits for desert instead of cakes and pies.
  • Limit the use of jams and jellies.
  • Eliminate the sugary cereals; try Cheks with bananas or Special K with strawberries

Suggestions for increasing FIBER

  • Eat whole grains whenever possible.
  • Eat beans a few times a week.
  • Have several servings of fruit every day.
  • Have several servings of vegetables every day.

We must all discover how to adopt new behaviors, like eating less, exercising more and modifying our cooking habits to boost weight loss.

Go ahead try some of these modifications you’ll find out that your food really doesn’t taste that different and you will still enjoy it.  I can tell you from experience that you will love the way you feel inside; your body will begin to feel lighter. Let me know what you think, leave me a comment.  Let’s talk!

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