In My Daddy’s Lap…

Racquel Outten

Racquel Outten

Hello ladies it’s that time of year again where we celebrate the season of giving and reflecting; preparing for a new year. Yet as I speak this I’m inspired to acknowledge those quiet moments; most times in the still of the night…I think about those moments of solitude… I think about the sweet voice and advice of my mom whenever I needed to talk. I remember the stern yet loving voice of my late father. As I embrace both my parents because I realized their love for me and always knew they would be there for me. Daddy always said I was a mommy’s girl but as it turns out I am so much like my dad!!!! He knew it!!!  Ha-ha we all did. We butt heads, yet the friendship, love and tranquility I found on the breast of my mom there was a sense of security and safety I felt in the presence of my dad. My mother strong, loving, sweet and nurturing. My dad firm, no nonsense kind of guy. I felt I could always count on my parents to be there when I needed, but late in the midnight hours or in the presence of solitude beyond the love of my parents, and the appreciation of true friends and family, one is sometimes faced with many questions, and a feeling of aloneness!

  There are moments when sometimes in the dark of the night there is a birth of some hurts, decisions to be made, directions to take and yet the love of family and well meaning friends seem unreachable in the trace of a phone call. Ever picked up the phone because you needed to talk to someone and not just anyone but those near and dear to you. No one answers…You feel a sense of hopelessness and despair yet in the midst of it all you feel a sense of peace a sense of something else needing you and you needing it!!! In the moments of deep need I found in my solitude that God required it to be that way. He wanted me!! I found those alone moments to be good for me because I realized not only does he care about what concerns me but he can fix it. He also wants to spend precious time with his daughter. There is something to be said about an audible voice. However I’ve come to realize that as I spend time with Him I can hear Him in my spirit and in my heart and soul – those moments birth a sense of learning to trust and believe in the being I cannot see with naked eyes. Yet I learn to exercise my faith! Like my dad I learned to equate the safety I felt in the love of a father for his daughter with that of my relationship with fathers who are to be a reflection of our Heavenly Father.  I’m learning more each day and each passing year how this relationship supersedes all other relationships.

This Christmas as we embrace the reason for the season, let’s consider a Father’s love, he sent his only son to be a gift to this world. Let us not forget that through this love he cares about everything that concerns his children. The symbolic message of the cross reminds me that God’s love is so real. If there’s any burden you bare, if there is any dream to full-fill, decision to be made, whatever it is give it all to him (1 Peter 5:7). For it is in the moments of solitude…in the quiet of the night I curl into my Heavenly Father’s lap and I find peace and hope for my soul…John 3:16

Merry Christmas and May you have a prosperous New Year!! Grace and Mercy Racquel


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