Thirsty and at the Well…

Racquel Outten

Racquel Outten

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With so many ties, ultimately not satisfied and yet another one must go!! How many Mr. Right now’s does it take to get to Mr. Right?  Do you dare to recognize and embrace the one whose love has been with you always?

The woman at the well (John 4), thirsty…alone…empty, discontented, discouraged. I could only imagine this to be the way she felt when she encountered the only one who knew how she felt from the soul. Married five times and still not married to the right one. Seeking for water to quench her thirst. Desiring a love, pure and true. Unconditional, unwavering everlasting. This woman’s position at the well speaks to her state of being; thirsty not only for water but thirsty for a soul mate and true purpose in her life. How does this story speak to the heart of a woman today? How many times have you encountered a relationship(s) that demanded all of you and none of the other person? How many relationships have only resulted in a reason and season without lasting purpose? What is the driving force for your desire to be with the one you seek? Sometimes we can create fantasies that become reality in our minds. That’s why we must guard our thoughts! They become strong holds. If we delight ourselves in God the good book says he will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalms 37:4).  He knows the secret yearnings of our soul. Yet the good book says we must be careful to seek yea first his kingdom (will) and all other things will be added to us (Matthew 6:33), yes even love!

This woman was like most today she was seeking love in multiple partners and yet her soul was not satisfied. The one true person that knew her secret yearning met her (thirsty) at a well where even in of state of thirst and knowing her social status, there was no judgment. He met her with love and love it hopes and holds no record of wrongs (1st Corinthians 13:4-8). That man was The Lord himself Jesus Christ. He came to quench her thirst and make her whole. To heal her brokenness and give her hope and a future. He knew she had been married five times and yet the one that she was presently with was still not her husband!! They were all Mr. Right now!  It is my belief that because we are not the judge of the heart and a relationship may not work out doesn’t make the person bad they’re just not the one for you.

Jesus knew that the hunger, void and emptiness this woman experienced would not be satisfied or fulfilled with nothing or no one but him. He knew her thirst was deeper than that of water. He knew he had what she needed and he pursued her to give her what she needed. Though we may never know what may have caused her to be this way. Maybe an absentee father, compromising self-worth… molested as a child. Something caused her emptiness and whatever it was Jesus knew.  Far too many times women tend to expect love to manifest from a man to fill the void they feel. I believe this is too much power to give to another human being. Love must first come from above and transcend to self then transferred to another.

When you truly love someone it’s really God-loving them through you. It’s a love that resonates in your soul a love that endures all hopes, forgives, and never dies. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us 1st John 4:12. Sometimes we have to encounter several relationships to finally get to the one , yet it’s my belief that when you know yourself totally you can distinguish between Mr. Right or Right now.  In a previous conversation we talked about seeing a reflection of yourself in the eyes and soul of another person. I wonder had she taken the time to look for even a glimpse of herself in either one if those men.  Did she even know herself? I guess the obvious maybe apparent…she was married five times. Whatever her background I’m touched by the fact that even Jesus in his tiered, hungry and thirsty state took the time to see and meet her at the point of her need. He did this without concern for himself, He cared. I’m also touched by the fact that she told him nothing of herself yet he knew her! He came to impart and not condemn. Funny how the one who has all the right and power to judge and destroy came with love and compassion.

Watching one of my favorite classic movies, I quote a line in the movie, “sometimes the people who are never alone are the loneliest”. We ask how one can be lonely even in the company of another. Loneliness is a state of mind not a state of being. It’s quite simple if the two are not  equally yoked with purpose, concern and investment in and of each other. Loneliness is just one of many sources of discontentment. Probably what also led to the multiple marriages!! She was still seeking.

How do you relate to this story, or do you know of someone who can? I have come to realize there is no love like the father! He knows and sees all. No matter your social status, your back ground or your geographical origin he is always willing to meet us at the point of our need. Mr. Man can never fill the voids one feels even if you have been blessed to be joined to your soul mate. There is a place that only God can reside. If you find yourself looking for true love, first look up then within, then parallel. It will come in due season. If you look within you will find that there is a love waiting to be released but it’s burning from within because it’s the love of God. He is the lover and keeper of our souls. He yearns to have a relationship with us to, then to share with another. I truly believe that unless we embrace that love all other is fleeting! Humans are so fickle we need a higher power to love truly through us.

In closing I encourage you that where ever you are broken, empty, hurt…whatever has caused your thirst and whenever you are hungry or thirsty… Pray about it and give it all to the father he is waiting for you at the well.

Whoever does not love does not know God for God is love…1st John 4:8…The Bible

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved…George Sand

Until next time, mercy and grace to you

One response to “Thirsty and at the Well…

  1. shar marshall

    Hi beautiful one,
    What a very deep provoking message. I think that I needed and wanted everything positive in this message and for the most part got it. I pray daily, I pray often, I pray for him, he prays for me, we thank God daily and we still sin and we still hurt each other and we still apologize and we still seek God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness. With that being said, we still seek His love to teach us how to love thru Him. IT’S not always easy, but it’s great to know that we don’t have to trust each other, we trust G O D that we will honor Him and each other and when we mess up we remember all the years of forgiveness and grace and mercy He gave to us so we strive to be better to ourselves, to each other, but more importantly obedient and open to Him. Thank you for a beautiful “Spoken Word” because it spoke to me. IT SPOKE TO MY SOUL.

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