Weight, Lets Try This Again…


Your Health, Your Worth…Many women believe that lifting slightly heavy weight will make them bulky.  Because of that they avoid lifting weights and they stick to cardio. If only gaining muscle was that easy.  Unless you take steroids (some do), it is impossible to look “like a man”.  The main reason is that women have 1/15 to 1/20 the amount of testosterone as men, and testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for muscle growth…REAL TALK 

Unlike cardio, which only builds endurance and helps you burn a few extra calories, lifting weights will actually give you the “tone” look most women want to achieve.  Also, lighting weights will increase your “Basal Metabolic Rate” which means you will burn more calories throughout the day in the long run, therefore you will lose more body fat and preserve more lean muscle mass and be able to maintain a lean body. 

Finally if you continue to do only cardio you will only burn more calories, which will lead to fat loss if you are in a caloric deficit.  The problem with that is next to losing fat you you’ll also lose a lot of muscle which means that you’ll look the same way just skinner.  If you want to maintain muscle mass you’ll have to lift weights and there’s no way around it.  Please stop doing endless cardio and start prioritizing lifting weights.  You’ll be shocked how much you can change your body composition.


Very important, learn proper body mechanics before you start lifting weights. Knowing and using the proper techniques when lifting weights will carry you far as injuries occur when one does not use proper body mechanics.  Knowledge is POWER and this tip is more powerful than any amount of weight you lift! 

Don’t weight, let’s do this!

Love Ya…Chris forever

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I could Tell a Prefect Truth in 1000 Words But I’ll Choose a Few…


Be yourself…Acknowledge God – He will acknowledge youImage result for photos of happy people in the world

Love yourself – Love someone else

Have faith – Be faithful

Trust yourself – Trust someone else

Give – Give some more

Forgive your self – Forgive someone else

Be joyful – Spread joySee the source image

Hug yourself – Hug someone else

Uplift yourself – Lift someone else up

Be a Blessing – You will be Blessed

Enough said, Self is One, There are 1000 more…

A world shattered with untruths, pieces scattered everywhere. Step on them, pick them up, they burn like fire…Liar, Liar, LiarSee the source image


Love Ya, Chris…Forever






Its Tea Time…


If you like tea, I think you’ll like what I am going to share with you. I plan to start drinking this every morning.

It consists of Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger and Cloves.  I have not started so I cannot tell you how it taste, but I can share with you the important properties of each herb.

  1. Cinnamon is high in antioxidant, has 4 grams of fiber, calcium, and iron.  Strong doses of cinnamon are beneficial for improving heart disease risk and cutting risk for diabetes and cancer.
  2. Turmeric is a root and belongs to the ginger family.  In ancient times it was used as an anti-inflammatory  agent, it is an excellent source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and magnesium.
  3. Ginger is commonly use for nausea, indigestion, irritable bowel,  poor circulation, menstrual cramps, gas and stomach cramps.
  4. Cloves are good for your digestive system,  boost your immune system, fight against cancer and protect the liver.

You can purchase both ginger and turmeric in root form at your local farmers market. Boil the herbs together and drink as a tea first thing in the morning.

If you like Lattes, try this Turmeric Latte. You can use your Favorite Vanilla Protein drink, it does not have to be the one listed below


Be a little daring and try both the Latte and the.  Let me know what you think and share your healthy choices, I would love to hear from you.

Love Ya!



100 Years of Celebrating Fathers…


If you are reading this on Father’s day or days later please know that you deserve acknowledgement every day. Yes, It’s nice to have a ‘Special day’ dedicated to your courageous efforts to support, uplift, provide, guide, protect, shelter and prove to the world that you are deserving of some EXTRA LOVE one day out of 365 days…REALLY!

Every day is Father’s Day and I believe I not only speak for myself but for so many others when I say you deserve LOVE, the EXTRA LOVE every hour of every day…

Now for a little history…The first Father’s Day Celebration was held on June 19, 1909 by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane Washington.  Sonora was in church one Sunday listening to a Mother’s Day Sermon when she decided she wanted to designate a day for dad William Jackson Smart.  Sonora’s mother died giving birth to her, at which time her father took on the responsibility of raising Sonora and her five siblings.

So many men are made to feel less than…Because society, especially when depicting Black fathers would have you believe they are all absence from the family structure. Although we know the absentee rate among Black fathers is high, here are some statics to put current day beliefs in perspective. Even with the large number of households without a father present, according to a CDC Report in 2015 (just 3 years ago), Black Fathers spend more time and are involved more frequently in their children lives compared to other groups researched…FACTS

REAL TALK: Now for the hard statistics – Currently 55.1% of Black children, 31% of all Hispanic children and 20.7% of all White children are living in a single parent home; 63% of youth suicides are fatherless homes and 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.

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For sure there is a father absence crisis in this country. This statement is filled with many anomalies and Fathers alone cannot repaint the picture on the canvas of today.  

Fathers continue to support, uplift, provide, guide, protect, shelter and LOVE your children, your families, it’s noticed and you are LOVED!

            <This year June 19th is the 100th Anniversary of Father’s Day.>


Love Ya!




A Phenomenal Women…

Mother, Mommy, Momma, Mom…

Loving, kind, compassionate you are. Strong, fierce, sincere, a woman, a phenomenal woman is she.

Filled with an abundance of love, joy and happiness, you are a phenomenal woman, that’s you. 

Bold, captivating, resilient, defying all odds, moving steadfast to achieve your goals…A Phenomenal woman I see.

Trustworthy, generous, a genuine friend to the very end, a phenomenal woman…

With measured confidence you move gracefully through life leaving touches of yourself that can be felt by the ones you love…Touches of a Phenomenal Women, A Phenomenal Women that’s You!

I love ❤️ Mother…

In my thoughts…

IMG_0824My Joy…

Have you seen my JOY? I had it yesterday at the MALL, I had it last night in Club, I had it when we Clung to each other waiting for that moment of ecstasy. I had it when I Thought you were my Best Friend. I had it when I got the Big promotion.  I had it when I was looking for Love in all the wrong places.
Memories are like dreams. You don’t know when they happen but they mean a lot to you. Hold tight to the memories for the dreams are sometimes only moments away.  

Please pay back the love you borrowed…

The warmth of your touch, the spark in your eyes, your gentle ways, your special. Strong, Masculine, you reside in the abyss of my soul. The hurt you possess covets the pain I feel. Our love resembles a torn shirt blowing in the wind.  I need to release the pain, please pay back the love you borrowed.


In the Moment…

I am hoping this does not wake you up but I want to share my thoughts before I close my eyes. I appreciate your candor and sincerely enjoy our conversations. I am fearful of disappointment , and doing my best to stay in the moment because if all you profess is truth at its best, life with you will be nothing less than complete joy. It’s easy to get lost in the words, that which I will not do, just a few thoughts to share with you.
Lonely is the Journey alone…

You loved me but you disappeared like the words from a blank piece of paper.
Caught up in my own thoughts and competing priorities, I completely forgot to close the door. I watched you walk away but I didn’t see you leave…Lonely is the Journey alone.

Shit Happens…

When he left home his heart was filled with joy. They’d met only once, but once was all it took. He was mesmerized by her smile and she was captivated by his charm.
There was a letter, the one that he never open. The words floated across the paper as the train pulled into the station. The train stopped, he got off and she said goodbye…


Today I found myself…Sweet Dreams…Eyes closed, arms open, you catch me and I fall into the abyss of your soul…I am lost.


Letting Go…

When I think of you my heart races beyond measure. I imagine being with you, laughing, talking and sharing the memories we’ll never create. Sitting across from you, the table seems like an ocean, I extend my hands only to be engulfed in the water.


I heard a voice but saw no face. The scent of lingering cologne was in the air. The smell was strangely reminiscent of my mother as she sat combing my hair, jerking my head and announcing that she was going to “pop” me with the comb if I didn’t sit still. Didn’t she know I was tender headed, she was my mother. Inside my heart ❤️ the pain grows, she’s jerking my head and popping me with her comb, but, I sit enjoying every painful moment because she is my mother and I know when the memories arrive she’ll be gone.


My Tears Were In The Rain…

The night was long, the heavy rains came. I stood looking out the window, I could see my reflection in the water as the light shone from the nearby light post. I gathered my thoughts, trying to put things in perspective but the heavy rains continued, my eyes were full.


Love Ya…Chris

Self Love Recognizes Smart Love…


I posted this conversation last April 17,  2017, and after posting my conversation, “Practice Self Love” yesterday, I thought it only fitting that I repost my convo on ‘Smart Love’. When you ask yourself the questions below and the answers are contrary to what you know about your beloved, yet and still you decide to continue with things as they are, introspection might be in order, ‘um jus sayin’. 

istandbehindyou_posterimg copy

SMART LoveI have often wondered, if two people take the time to ask themselves some specific questions about the person they are interested in building a relationship/future with, will the answers to the questions below make them think twice about pursuing something on a higher level with that individual. I would like to share an acronym that I created as a guide to help men and women discern if the person they are interacting with is truly someone they can spend the rest of their life with; I mean really stay together until one or the other ceases to exist.

Sensible, is the person reasonable, do they use good judgement when making decisions.

Marginalize, does he or she make you feel unimportant? Are your suggestions, ideas and views marginalized as being not valid or credible?

Amicable, is he or she confrontational or do they project a harmonious vibe?

Realistic, does he or she make decisions based on the way things are or the way they want things to be? Are the decisions realistic or impractical?

Trustworthy, would you trust this person with your life?

No, you are not looking for a business partner, but you are trying to get a sense of whether this person is someone that you can communicate with, someone that will be a good listener, someone that has your back (your ride or die), someone that has the same or similar values as you, someone that you are comfortable with. I could go on and on but I won’t. I am simply positioning you for a look ahead. No one is perfect but why not invest some time in understanding the theme of the “picture” while you admire the “frame”.